wot4Well, here is a page about my little Chris Foss Designs Wot 4. (Ripmax version)

I bought it on eBay in April 2012.

Engine: Thunder Tiger F-54S Four Stroke

Prop: Master Airscrew


Throttle: Futaba S3003

Elevator: Futaba S3003

Rudder: Futaba S3003

Ailerons: 2 x Spektrum DS821

Receiver: Spektrum AR6200

Battery: 4.8v NiMh


The Thunder Tiger F-54S engine is brilliant. It literally sips fuel. I ran it at the field the other day when it was too windy to fly – on 3/4 tank, at a variety of throttle speeds it ran for 22 minutes !

Update: 05/07/2012

First solo flights!! I went to our field in Egerton and I was the only one there.

So, in a fly-or-crash kinda moment I nervously took to the sky.

Due to the nerves on the first flight I forgot to start my timer – so I only flew circuits for 5-6minutes and then made my approach. First approach was a little off, so I went round for another go. This time was much better and brought the Wot 4 in for quite a reasonable landing (on the strip!).

My nerves needed a good 20mins recovery, before I went for it again, this time with timer running. Another succesfull flight.

Finished the evening off with a 3rd flight – this time landing was good, with touchdown about 10feet past me.

All in all a good session.

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