spotifyA friend recently introduced me to Spotify ( and it’s superb!!! For those that don’t know, Spotify is a streaming music service. It has a huge database of songs, just search away, hit play and let your ears be filled! There are different account schemes available, starting with a Free service, that is advertisment-supported. I have to say, that is is a great way to listen to music as the frequency of adverts is so few and far between that it doesn’t distract from the music at all.

Now, the really great bit is that I have found an app that will run on Windows, Mac or Linux that allows you to stream the output of Spotify (in fact any audio from your system) to any or all of the Airport Express devices in your home. It’s called Airfoil

Check out – it’s about £18 but to me that seems good value for money and it works very well.

All in all a brilliant couple of apps that keep my music ears very happy

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