Saphir 40 Build Log

Here is a build log for my Dave Smith Model’s Saphir 40saphir-3

I first started building this plane about 18 years ago (when I was very young an inexperienced). I didn’t learn to fly until October last year, and since properly getting the ‘bug’ have been trying to complete it.

It’s nearly done, and will post a photo or two shortly.

It’s kitted out with a Tuned by West Magnum 70 FS. This is a standard Magnum 70 FS but with a modified head, and a different carb. It’s reported to be approx 20% more power, and snappier throttle response etc.

I’m using Futaba S3003 servos for all functions.

Originally I was going to install fixed undercarriage, but following the 18 year break new retract technology has appeared, so I have opted to install some Servoless Retracts (

They are quite inexpensive, and only time will tell how durable they are.

I have a Spektrum DX8, and so have installed an AR6200 receiver with the satellite receiver.

Hopefully will get to give it a maiden failty soon.

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Saphir 40

Well, with the sun shining, and a bit of breeze blowing it was time for the maiden yesterday, of my Dave Smith Models Saphir 40.

The Magnum 70 (Tuned by West) produced loads of power and with controls checked it was time to take to the sky.
After a bit of trimming out, Paul put the Saphir through it’s paces – it looked fantastic in the air, and flew brilliantly.
Once that flight was over, (and a quick cuppa) it was my turn.

Saphir 40
With my buddy box connected (I’m still a learner really), I took the controls – wow, what can I say – it’s brilliant. Very easy to fly – I can tell I’m going to have a lot of fun with this model.saphir-3

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Wot 4

wot4Well, here is a page about my little Chris Foss Designs Wot 4. (Ripmax version)

I bought it on eBay in April 2012.

Engine: Thunder Tiger F-54S Four Stroke

Prop: Master Airscrew


Throttle: Futaba S3003

Elevator: Futaba S3003

Rudder: Futaba S3003

Ailerons: 2 x Spektrum DS821

Receiver: Spektrum AR6200

Battery: 4.8v NiMh


The Thunder Tiger F-54S engine is brilliant. It literally sips fuel. I ran it at the field the other day when it was too windy to fly – on 3/4 tank, at a variety of throttle speeds it ran for 22 minutes !

Update: 05/07/2012

First solo flights!! I went to our field in Egerton and I was the only one there.

So, in a fly-or-crash kinda moment I nervously took to the sky.

Due to the nerves on the first flight I forgot to start my timer – so I only flew circuits for 5-6minutes and then made my approach. First approach was a little off, so I went round for another go. This time was much better and brought the Wot 4 in for quite a reasonable landing (on the strip!).

My nerves needed a good 20mins recovery, before I went for it again, this time with timer running. Another succesfull flight.

Finished the evening off with a 3rd flight – this time landing was good, with touchdown about 10feet past me.

All in all a good session.

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