SSL Certificates from StartSSL for WebVPN on Cisco IOS

This document is intended to walk-through the steps I took to successfully implement a free SSL certificate for use with WebVPN on a Cisco IOS Router. I had tried a couple of times to use StartSSL certificates but fell at different hurdles.   However, this time I crossed the line. The credit for this success […]

Cisco ACE Modules with Windows Sharepoint 2010

I recently ran into issues with a Windows Sharepoint 2010 environment that is load-balanced by Cisco ACE modules.  I’m no Sharepoint expert so if I get the WSS terminology slightly wrong – you’ll know why! Basically the issues presented themselves in the following ways: 1. A Sharepoint site had some sort of webpart that enabled […]

Cisco VPN authentication using NPS on Windows SBS 2008

Wow – what a title!! Hopefully this post will make things a bit clearer. I have a Cisco 1721 router configured to be a VPN server for a few IPsec client PC’s. Currently the user authentication part is just being done with local users setup within the router config. However we have Windows SBS 2008 […]

Saphir 40 Build Log

Here is a build log for my Dave Smith Model’s Saphir 40 I first started building this plane about 18 years ago (when I was very young an inexperienced). I didn’t learn to fly until October last year, and since properly getting the ‘bug’ have been trying to complete it. It’s nearly done, and will […]

Saphir 40

Well, with the sun shining, and a bit of breeze blowing it was time for the maiden yesterday, of my Dave Smith Models Saphir 40. The Magnum 70 (Tuned by West) produced loads of power and with controls checked it was time to take to the sky. After a bit of trimming out, Paul put […]

Wot 4

Well, here is a page about my little Chris Foss Designs Wot 4. (Ripmax version) I bought it on eBay in April 2012. Engine: Thunder Tiger F-54S Four Stroke Prop: Master Airscrew Servos: Throttle: Futaba S3003 Elevator: Futaba S3003 Rudder: Futaba S3003 Ailerons: 2 x Spektrum DS821 Receiver: Spektrum AR6200 Battery: 4.8v NiMh   The […]

Stream Spotify to Airport Express Using Airfoil

A friend recently introduced me to Spotify ( and it’s superb!!! For those that don’t know, Spotify is a streaming music service. It has a huge database of songs, just search away, hit play and let your ears be filled! There are different account schemes available, starting with a Free service, that is advertisment-supported. I […]